Enter The World of PandoraStar

Why should I try the PandoraStar light machine?

What if there was a way too quickly and easily relax like a seasoned meditator? Or put yourself into a creative state where working memory, creativity and brain function are at their best? And what if you could do that reliably at any time in a way that becomes the normal way you live rather than something that you experience from time to time? Need we say more? PandoraStar can be that form of enLIGHTenment for you.

What is the PandoraStar light machine?

PandoraStar is a powerful photic brainwave entrainment device that takes advantage of the brains frequency following response. In so doing it can quickly enhance your state of mind to your own personal preference and either directly, or as a side effect, be part of the solution to the mental and physical challenges you face. Or for the more adventurous, it can provide a ‘have to be seen to be believed’ visual entertainment experience.

How will a PS session go?

Your PandoraStar practitioner will explain to you what to expect and ensure you are safe and looked after before and after the session.

You are in complete control the whole time and any questions or concerns about safety will be addressed beforehand.

You will be invited to either lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes and either practice your favourite breathing technique if you know one, or just let go and enjoy your light journey.

You will put on some headphones and music (either synchronised to the light program or appropriate to the session) will play while you are immersed in the experience.

Where can I try a PandoraStar near me?

Please use the contact us form and one of our specialists will in touch to help arrange a demonstration at a suitable location.

Below is a visual representation of our growing PandoraStar family.