Ever since childhood, a period when the border between worlds is thin, I have been a prolific dreamer. It wasn’t until I was eighteen, however, and had a series of wave dreams, specifically the 7th dream, that I started to record my dreams and become more conscious of their power.

Though I didn’t understand the use for dreams back then, I intuitively knew they were important and it wasn’t until many years later that I realized working with dreams as a spiritual practice would be the turning point of my life.

Over time I have witnessed extraordinary experiences, especially in the lucid, hypnopompic and hypnagogic states. These have not only shifted my worldview but have intrinsically transformed me as if I were perpetually marinating in a cosmic chrysalis bath.

What is Hypnagogia?

Coined by the 19th-century French psychologist L.F. Alfred Maury, hypnagogia is derived from two Greek words, Hypnos (sleep) and agogeus (guide, or leader). It is that brief transition between wakefulness and sleep and has many names including ‘borderland state’, the ‘half-dream state’ and the ‘pre-dream condition.’ (Hypnopompia, on the other hand, is the period between sleeping and waking.)

The visionary philosopher Rudolph Steiner of the famous Waldorf Schools emphasized the importance of the hypnagogic state. This is a period when we may have extraordinary visions, perhaps in the form of geometric shapes and patterns of bright light. We might also have auditory experiences of loud knocking, familiar voices or even more dramatic a supernatural heightening of our senses. Visitation dreams are also common during this period, and perhaps even more profoundly, people receive answers to life’s most important questions…

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