Configuration & Control

Through a combination of twelve high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) and integrated microcontroller technology, PandoraStar produces an almost infinite variety of stroboscopic sequenced light patterns, providing deep frequency entrainment for the brain.

The integrated controller is incredibly configurable to enable the stroboscopic light energies to be distributed and harmonised through different frequencies, waveforms, duties and intensities. Organised as four triangular sets of strobes and with two wavelengths of light, the strobes produce distinct “sequences” of patterns unlike anything else.

Sequences & Playback

The lamp comes with a set of sequences already stored and ready to use that last between a few minutes and a number of hours. Additional sequences are created (online/offline) using a Windows based editor and are stored on the integrated USB flash disk of the lamp.

Stored sequences may be recalled as required using a 16 x 2 character liquid crystal display (LCD) and push button interface, to toggle, play or stop the sequence selection, with run time and step counters displayed on screen during play.

Sequence Editor Software
Current configuration organised as 9 pure-white and 3 warm-white wavelengths
Fully integrated control electronics for standalone operation. PC is only required for setup, with connection via USB.
The integrated controller facilitates extensive manipulation of strobe settings:
• Square and Sinusoidal stroboscopic waveform generation
• Frequency 0.1Hz to 200Hz
• Duty 0% through 99% (applies only to square waveforms)
• Intensity 0% to 100%
Info displayed on a 16 x 2 character LCD and controlled via a single push button.
An integrated USB flash disk allows the storage of many hundreds of sequence files on the lamp.
Operated from a 12V DC mains power supply unit 100-240V 50-60Hz input (provided).
• 180mm diameter x 40mm depth
• Weighing approximately 1200g
Three mounting locations for standard ¼” 20 UNC camera tripod mount, allowing ease of attachment/ detachment to a variety of supports.
• Durable powder coated metal enclosure – possibility for colour options (please enquire)
• Blue glowing background star profiled light
• Fully supported software with unlimited access to future upgrades and bug fixes
• Personal access to user forum for support, discussion and sharing