Megabrain Report (1990)

In Articles, Entrainment, History, Light Machine by Michael Hutchison

In this issue we describe over 20 different light and sound machines. Most of these devices have appeared on the market in the last year or two. More and more are emerging all the time. A similar explosion into the marketplace has happened with other types of consciousness technology – new CES devices ,a flood of “brain synchronization” tapes using beat frequencies, a multitude of pulsed electromag¬≠netic field generators and so on.

When I was writing the book Megabrain back in 1985 I ended it with a tongue-in-cheek vision of the future, a future in which there are chic mind gyms and brain fitness centers, the “brain-training counterparts” to physical fitness centers, in which brain athletes exercise their neurons and hang around the gym after the workout to compare their neuro-efficiency quotients and brag about their ability to produce high-amplitude theta waves. Pretty unlikely, huh?…

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