The narrow definition of lucid dreaming is having a dream wherein you know you are asleep and dreaming. But, there may be a spectrum of related phenomena. For example, there is also the situation where you think you’re awake, but you’re actually asleep, and you discover this only when you really wake up. Then, there are sleep time OBEs and visitations from non-physical beings.

This raises the question of whether these experiences are reality or fantasy. My best understanding at this point is that there are sleep time experiences that are somewhat veridical, ie external, shared reality; and some that are purely fantasy, ie a psychological product of your own imagination. In fact, they may always be a blend. It seems like all psi experiences, no matter how veridical – remote viewing, NDEs, OBEs, clairvoyance, etc. – are experienced via your own psychological repertoire, so they all have some element of idiosyncratic interpretation mixed in.

Still, I want to emphasize that there is a lot of evidence for real, veridical, evidential visitations, OBEs, and other types of experiences that happen while we are asleep-ish…

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