Light Therapy for Migraine | PandoraStar

Some migraine patients even find their attacks are actually triggered by light, especially flashing light. Yet a recent survey of migraine patients using light therapy found that it really does help many of them. About half of the patients surveyed experienced a substantial reduction in the frequency of their migraine attacks, making light a valuable preventive treatment.

The treatment of a migraine with light originated in the late 1980s with the work of Dr Duncan Anderson, a neurologist at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School at Hammersmith Hospital in London. He found that when red light, flickering on and off at up to 30 cycles per second, was shone into a migraine patient’s eyes for 15 minutes a day, the patient experienced a significant reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks, sometimes obtaining almost complete remission. The same treatment, applied for up to 30 minutes when a headache did start, sometimes terminated the attack. After Anderson published his results,[1] a home treatment unit was developed and in 1997 this became available as an easy-to-use commercial unit…

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