Inducing Higher Intelligence and Heightened Senses with Gamma Brain Waves

Brainwave entrainment is a way to train the brain to synchronize to a certain frequency, such as gamma, beta, delta, theta and alpha. Each frequency matches a certain state of consciousness. For example, delta is the brainwave dominant while in an unconscious state such as sleeping; while theta and alpha inspire relaxation and help get away from our beta state of consciousness that, at a higher frequency, promotes stress and anxiety. Listening to lower frequencies such as delta and theta is beneficial during meditation and could help reach a higher mental state.

What Are Gamma Brain Waves?

Gamma waves are present during the waking process and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. They are the fastest documented brainwave frequency range. They oscillate within the range of 40 Hz to 70 Hz and have the smallest amplitude on an EEG when compared to the other four basic brainwave frequencies.

Gamma brain waves are believed to link and process information from all other parts of the brain. A high amount of gamma wave activity in the brain is associated with intelligence, compassion, self-control and feelings of happiness. In addition, gamma brain waves have been linked to improved memory and an increased ability to perceive reality…

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