Gamma Waves, “Aha” Moments & Dreaming

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The alarm sounds off at 6:30 am. You groggily turn it off.

Maybe you faintly recall a dream for a minute or two. You then quickly jump out of bed and hop in the shower to prepare yourself for a day of work, school, and/or tending to the family. From this point until you return back to a state of quietness and a lessening of physical and/or mental stimulus, you are likely to predominantly spend the majority of your day in the dominant brain wave state known as “Beta”. This state correlates with the frequency range between 12 and 30 Hz (some researchers will limit Beta to 25 Hz). Generally speaking when a person is in this state, they are experiencing varying degrees of being alert, engaged, and having focused mental activity. At the lower end (12 to 15 hz), one’s mood could be described as slightly brooding or idling (example: stuck in traffic, casually surfing the web). At the mid-range of Beta (16 to 22 hz) a person could be characterized as being strongly engaged (example: active, analytical problem solving). The upper range of Beta (23 to 30 hz) correlates with highly complex thought, the integration of new experiences, and excitement (example: creative problem solving)…

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