How different brainwave states support your ability to create wealth in your life.

This is part 1 of a Two-Part Video Series created by Sky Acamesis, in part one below she explains how different brainwave states, support a wealth consciousness – and enhance your ability to create wealth in your life. The PandoraStar device is not only used to facilitate healing from Brainwave Entrainment, but also Sky explains in part 2, how using PandoraStar and Brain Entrainment, you can also create a “wealth consciousness” using a simple yet powerful technique!

Boom or bust? Are you ready to learn how brainwaves determine your wealth? Stay with me.

Hello. I’m Sky Acamesis, director at PandoraStar. Today we’re going to be discussing how different brainwave states support your wealth consciousness and your ability to create wealth inside your life. There’s a few things that come up when you start working on wealth consciousness, and the most important thing is the simplest thing. Your belief in whether or not you can create wealth is the biggest determining factor of whether or not you can. It’s also the biggest determining factor of whether or not other people trust you to create wealth for them and for others and to bring value to their life.

Often when you become more advanced in creating wealth, you realize that the simplest principles are the most advanced ones. Believing you can do something is what gives other people faith in you to do it, and what gives you the courage to follow through when you face challenges. Which brings me to the second principle of wealth creation, which is resilience. You can do hard things. That ability to stay calm, and to know that you can solve difficult problems, and that every problem has a solution is what’s going to get you through those moments of wondering how the hell am I going to do this, and it’s what’s going to keep you calm when the pressure’s on.

You’ve got to remember that diamonds are made under pressure, and that there’s nothing in the world that gets created without going through growth pains. You’ve got to grow through what you go through, and you’ve got to see each challenge as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, an opportunity to become better, and as an opportunity in disguise, because it’s pushing you. Pushing you to become more than you are, pushing you to go beyond what you’ve been before, pushing you to grow instead of stagnate and stay in the same comfort zone.

Which brings me to the last point around wealth consciousness. This is what you’ve got to understand. When you’re under pressure, you’ve got to be able to stay calm, okay? You’ve got to be able to quiet you intellect, turn within, and ask what the next steps are for you to take. When your brain is in Beta frequencies that’s really hard to do, because you’ve literally got one thought after another thought, after another thought coming in really, really fast. That’s why when I work with Theta healing it’s called Theta healing, not Beta healing, because Beta is the real stress energy.

When they did research on Beta, most of us, because we wake up with this really harsh alarm clock sound, we go from deep delta to Beta, because our brain is going through the stress of having to switch mental states so quickly. Then we stay in Beta for most of the rest of the day, because most of our jobs, our daily life, doesn’t involve much creativity. But the state of consciousness that it takes for you to get a day job done is not the state of consciousness that it takes for you to lead a company, especially your own company or your own business, from making a small amount of income to making a bigger amount of income.

When you’re switching from Beta to Alpha, or Beta to Theta, you really have to realize that quieting your intellect, turning within, stilling your mind allows you to switch from the state of consciousness which creates the stress and the inability to solve problems, to a state of consciousness where the infinite field of quantum possibilities are then available to you and available to your business. That’s how you can develop the courage, or channel the courage, to basically do what needs to be done, even when it’s hard.

Alpha and Theta provide that base state for you to basically build on. They’re the foundation that you place the house on, and they’re the place that you go back to over and over and over again when you face challenges, especially financial challenges I need to overcome. When you face those financial challenges, when you go into Beta you go into panic. When you face those financial challenges and you go into Alpha or Theta, you go into creativity, you get that spark. You go into real solution mode, and then the answers start coming to you and people start connecting with you.

Those three things, just really focusing on keeping it very, very simple, and then lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat as you’re creating your wealth consciousness. Last but not least, I know people talk a lot about goals, but it’s such an important thing for you to realize. You really want to think about goals, milestones, and steps. Your goals are the things you want to achieve over the course of a year or six months. Your milestones are basically the sections that are like the bigger chunks to achieving that goal that you have to pencil out in your calendar. I’m going to take two weeks to do this, I’m going to take three weeks to that, I’m going to take a month to do this. Your steps are the daily actions that are required to get you to that space.

Let’s say you’ve decided you want to become an influencer on YouTube or on Instagram. You want to start off with making daily posts and connecting with people and responding to questions people have on your page. Those are your daily steps. Your milestones might be reaching 1,000 followers or 10,000 followers. Your goals might be connecting with other influencers so that you can do joint venture launches, and really knowing how to target your campaigns, and really having five or six other people collaborate with you by the end of the years as an influencer so that you can build your brand.

But really keep it really, really simple. Steps, milestones, goals, so that you know how you’re progressing through and you don’t feel this huge distance between where you are now and where you would like to be in a couple of weeks or a couple of months time. You also get this real sense of certainty from accountability. You know when you’re moving in the direction of your goal, of creating more wealth and more influence, and when you’re not moving in that direction. So you can course correct like a GPS system.

That’s what you really need to understand, is the power of regular, consistent action and regularly, consistently training your mind, or untraining your mind, to go into those creative states of consciousnesses when it comes to solving financial problems. If you’d like to stick with me and find out how you can develop these states of consciousness and use light therapy for these states of consciousness, just click on the link above and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for joining us, don’t forget to subscribe.