We’re going to talk about how to use PandoraStar to help you Create Wealth!

This is part 2 of a Two-Part Video Series created by Sky Acamesis, in part one she explained how different brainwave states, support a wealth consciousness – and your ability to create wealth in your life. If you have not watched part one you can find it here Brainwave States and Wealth (Part 1). Otherwise, watch the video below where Sky explains how using PandoraStar and Brainwave Entrainment, you can create a “wealth consciousness” using a simple yet powerful technique!

Hi. I’m Sky Acamesis, Director at PandoraStar. Welcome back if you’re joining us from the previous video. We’re going to be talking about how PandoraStar and light therapy can help you to create wealth consciousness in your life. We created a program for you, a light therapy “Wealth” program, which takes you from alpha through into theta, to get you into those really powerful states of consciousness that will allow you to create the most productive, the most peak performance, the most focus and concentration, so that you can really blossom inside your business. To help you with the different thought forms and the different mindset, we’ve created a hypnosis track that focuses on the different thoughts you’re going to need to have, the different mindset, and the EQ, the emotional intelligence you’re going to need to build, in order to develop the resilience, the integrity, the creativity to be able to move through the challenges that you’re going to face, and that you’re going to love when you really get into working into your own business or creating wealth for yourself. So, what Pandora does when it puts you into an alpha state is it takes you out of a stressed mental state, which is a beta mental state. When you’re stressed, you’re in beta brainwaves, and it makes it very hard for you to really solve problems because your thoughts are coming in too fast. It’s like when you’re driving too fast in the car, you don’t have time to slow down and react. It’s the same thing with your mind. When you’re thinking too fast, you don’t actually have time to slow down and actually react appropriately to the different challenges you’re facing. So alpha actually slows you down and gives you the time and space to make the right decisions in a focused way and to not rush. When we rush, we screw up, and when we slow down, we actually do things properly. So you actually spend less time. It’s like a stitch in time saves nine. Literally, slowing down means you do it properly, and you complete things so that you don’t have to keep going back to them over and over again. It’s actually done, and it then supports you. So an alpha brainwave state is amazing, not just for supporting you in creating resilience, but it’s also amazing for your immune system because when you’re in beta, you create a lot of adrenaline and a lot of cortisol, and that literally suppresses your immune system. When that happens, you’re more likely to get sick, but you also feel like you’re in fight-flight mode all the time. You’re on a high alert. You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, and instead of literally looking at the best possible opportunity available, you’re in desperation mode, looking for anything that will help you create more money or pay the bills. And from that space, you partner up with the wrong people. You start off projects that are never going to work, because your passion isn’t involved, and then your resilience isn’t there, because you’re like, “Why am I doing this anyway? I’m only doing this for money,” and that ain’t going to pull you out of bed in the morning. That isn’t going to give you that drive to literally solve problems day in, day out until this becomes a normal and consistent part of your revenue and a passive income. So also provides higher levels of creativity. When you’re reducing the levels of adrenaline and cortisol you’re creating, you’re creating a lot more serotonin, you’re creating a lot more dopamine, and your body is then able to heal and repair, but it’s also able to be receptive to what’s available to you. When you’re stressed, you can’t see what’s really happening in the room. You’re stuck in your story in your own mind of what’s happening, so when you’re stressed about money, you’re like, “Oh, you know, I’ve always been bad with money. I don’t have a business mindset. Maybe I’m not supposed to do this. Maybe I’m in the wrong place.” But when you quiet your intellect and turn within, you actually take a deep breath, and you go, “Okay, this is a challenge. That means I’m growing. It means I’ve never done this before. It means I’m out of my comfort zone. How can I solve this problem? What resources does it take to solve this problem? Do I need more people? Do I need more tools? What is it that I need to bring to me, or to manifest so that this problem can be resolved?” It’s a complete switch from one of self-centeredness to service. That’s what really happens when you quiet your mind or your intellect. You get back to the core of your business, which is to provide a valuable service to your customers, to your community, and to your family, by providing them with a home, and with the food, and with the education that they need. So the whole purpose of a business is service, and alpha really helps you move more deeply into that truth. Instead of it being about me making money, it’s about how the business can help the community and your family, and the moment you’re in that space, money starts to flow. So alpha is an amazing state of consciousness. It literally creates deep relaxation of the mind and body. It boosts your immune system. It really helps you solve your problems, because you’re thinking in a way that takes you from rapid response to conscious and deliberate response, so you feel a lot more in control and a lot more certain. It creates a more improved mood and stability with emotions. When they studied successful people, and they didn’t understand why some people with very high IQs weren’t getting the results of other people with much lower IQs, they realized that it was your EQ, your emotional intelligence, that was literally giving those people the edge. So when it comes to creating emotional stability and mood stability, that is a really important factor for wealth consciousness and wealth creation. With this program, with PandoraStar, it’s going to keep you in those states of mind where you are calm and you are focused, so you’re open to the field of possibilities, you’re open to the different opportunities that are available to you, and you’re able to muster the inner resources required for you to deliver and add value to yourself, to your community, to your family, and to the environment that you’re in. When you’re in that state of service, that’s what attracts people wanting to work with you. That’s what attracts opportunities. That’s what attracts big investments. That’s what attracts high-end clients. So by working with PandoraStar, you’re creating this state of emotional certainty, especially when you combine it with the hypnosis audio. It then creates the mindset that you need and helps you build the EQ, the emotional intelligence, so that you’re then practising changing your habits and behaviours, and when it comes to dealing with difficult situations, and your resilience muscles are growing, you’re going to find yourself making progress much faster, getting stuck in procrastination much less. An alpha state of consciousness also creates great performance. When they studied basketball players, in alpha, every single time the good basketball players took a shot and they hit the shot, they hit their mark, there was a peak of alpha inside the brain, whereas the new beginner players didn’t have that peak in alpha consciousness. They didn’t know. They hadn’t developed the mental muscles or the emotional muscles to focus and stay calm under those moments of pressure. That’s what the alpha was showing, that more advanced players had developed the emotional musculature to be able to focus and stay calm when it was the most important and when they were under the most pressure. And that’s what the new players were learning, but when they had that, alpha showed up inside their brain, and PandoraStar can create that gentle alpha brainwave in you, so that you can then train your mind to stay there when you’re focusing on situations that would normally make people feel like they’re under a lot of pressure. It also enhances your immune system and increases your levels of serotonin. Now, why is this important? Well, first of all, in order to be resilient in business, you have to have good health. You have to feel like you have energy, and you have to feel like you can literally do things that tire you out and then get up the next day feeling good, and if your immune system is low, not only are you more prone to illness and pain, but you’re also finding ways of avoiding what you’re doing, because illness is a way that you kind of don’t have to show up, because you’re scared you’re not worthy or you’re not good enough, many times. So when you literally use alpha, it boosts your immune system, because it reminds you that you’re worth it, that you deserve this, that this business is literally here to serve you, to add value to the planet, to add value to your business partners, to add value to your family, and that you can do hard things. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Please join us for the next video series. Don’t forget to subscribe, and we’ll answer any questions you have below. Have a wonderful evening. Bye.