And a little insight into how Lance thought when he made the program “HAPPY”

This study used 14Hz brainwave stimulation for 4 weeks and found that feelings of depression reduced both by subjective feeling, and by standard approved tests for depression.

The PandoraStar program called HAPPY uses this specific frequency as part of it’s ‘hybrid’ of frequencies and I can’t tell you how many people have contacted me to say how it has helped them.
Good to see specific research to back up the findings clinically.

I want to point out of course as with any frequency, that it MAY be more accurate to say Beta frequencies are responsibly for this result and not just 14Hz specifically.

And I have seen studies where higher frequencies have been used and gotten good results.14Hz at the time was chosen by me intuitively but the thought process outlined below is valid.

In the case of a depressed person who also gets anxious (and that can be quite common), 14Hz is also a good number for that too. Hence HAPPY is a good all around mood helper.

Here’s why…
(and this is more of an educated opinion than fact but it makes sense from all the research I see)
Too much lower than 14Hz (which may be great for anxiety) and you will be entraining to a frequency conducive to relaxing and not being active and getting things done. And not getting things done will stress people out more!
Too much higher than 14Hz and you will be entraining to a frequency where anxiety actually occurs and so you may help with depression but not help or even increase the anxiety.
So in my opinion 14-16 Hz is a really good place to settle for this type of mood benefit.
Again, I’m speaking with part scientific knowledge, part common sense, and part intuition.

Bring on the Happiness!!!

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