Guidelines and frequency recommendations using your light machine

It’s tempting to just try everything as much as possible right? If there are benefits to be had from brainwave entrainment (BWE) then we want all of them now!
It’s really the same question as has been asked about meditation practices, exercise and changing habits.
Sure there are some examples of people who have drastic changes happen that last a lifetime in one session of any activity. This is rare though.
PandoraStar can and will help you achieve your mental and physical goals.
Enter into the world of BWE with more medium to long-term goals than short ones and you’ll avoid most challenges or frustration.

Can I use it too much?

Yes you can. And this applies to any BWE device. This will change from person to person and from day to day.
Much like physical exercise, some days you will not be able to do as much and recovery and rest will be required. This is where you have to be aware of your limits.
There are times when certain programs will actually help relieve things like pain and headaches.
Used too much though, and it might actually cause a headache and/or some nausea. This doesn’t happen often but if you use multiple programs in a row and there are other contributing factors in place like tiredness and dehydration (for example) then your brain may go ‘this is enough’ and let you know with discomfort.
This will pass but it’s best avoided.

Using a longer program is less likely to risk this because there is one purpose to the program and usually a limited amount of movement in frequencies.

Using multiple programs in a row can be fine and even useful also. Just be aware that especially if you use programs with different effects or intentions then you are effectively asking your brain to jump all over the place and not settle in one zone. This can be like pushing the brain instead of inviting it.
Better to choose programs with a similar goal or just use a longer version of one program, this will help you get the best out of your PandoraStar Sessions.

When should I not use it?

Assuming of course that everything on the informed consent form is already understood, then be smart about when and how you use brainwave entrainment. If you stimulate your brain with a creative type program every night just before bed for example, you may have some interesting dreams but at what expense to your normal sleep patterns?
In the hour before bed you want your body and mind to be winding down. So gentle use of relaxing programs would be more suited to your minds natural rhythm. In fact in general I would recommend having an hour before bed where you use NO technology at all especially if you have any sleep issues.

What about all night programs or use while I sleep?

There is something important I want to point out here.

Using PandoraStar for practices like OBE (Out of Body Experiences) and lucid dreaming can be a lot of fun and produce some amazing results. And such practices are best done after a set sleep period with no stimulation before waking up briefly and intentionally and starting the practice.
By all means, experiment with that.

Experimenting with programs running while you fall asleep and/or going all night can lead to problems though if done often, and here’s why…

It’s true that brainwaves follow a certain pattern during the night and that with PandoraStar you can amplify and/or reproduce those patterns, and the results of such experimentation can cause some really cool effects.

But.., sleep is not just about brainwaves.
Sleep is about your internal body clock or circadian rhythm. It works in 24-hour cycles and is primarily controlled or altered (either in a good way or a bad way) by light. Specifically by sunrise and sunset.
Our modern lifestyle of artificial lighting can and does alter this internal clock and can lead to sleep problems, depression, and tiredness during the day.
Overuse of ANY light source during sleep can reset your circadian rhythm and cause you to struggle to be effective during the day and/or sleep well during the night (Especially if you are sensitive to light). It’s why night shift workers have a hard time being fully alert or getting enough sleep.
You can, of course, reset your circadian rhythm back to normal but it can take time once you are already having problems with sleep. So best to avoid getting into that state by only using PS during the night occasionally. Like I said above, Astral travel and lucid dream practices work differently so are not a high risk of this. Still be aware though that using a light source even for shorter periods during the night on a regular basis can lead to the same challenge.

Are there any signs that I should stop?

Again this will change from person to person. Use common sense with yourself and with clients if you work with them.
If you start a session and you feel irritated by the light or a significant change in the feeling in your head then stop.
Listen to your body and mind.
I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I’m lying down to do a session and within a minute or two I’m feeling irritated. Rather than force myself I simply stop and do something else. I usually stay lying there but without the light and just breathe slowly in a meditative way.


What if I do get a headache or negatively effect my sleep?

As far as a headache is concerned, do what you would normally do including seeing a doctor if it persists. Make sure you drink plenty of water.
Some types of headaches like a migraine have a common pattern that EEG measurements have found to be similar to people who have seizures in that the brain is over-synchronised (both hemisphere’s matching each other with too much stimulation).
As such, there is evidence via research to show that de-synchronising the brain can be effective in giving relief.
The way to do that with PS is to cover one eye at a time while using a frequency with a minimal flicker (40hz gamma in the studies). So, for instance, 40hz into only one eye for 10min followed by 40hz into the opposite eye for 10min. (See also Brainwave types Guide)
Only try this if you are used to self-managing headaches.
If having this headache is a new experience for you then medical advice is always advised.

As far as having your sleep pattern changed where you suspect you may have altered your circadian rhythm (and I will talk more about this, and how to use PS to do it, in another article), the easiest thing to do is to get natural light (outdoors preferably) as early as possible (6-8am is ideal) in the morning for 15-20min or more.
This has many benefits that I won’t get into now.
Read my article on sleep for a comprehensive list of ways to improve sleep also.

Finally; a big reason why we are all interested in brainwave entrainment is to improve ourselves and have certain experiences that expand our knowledge and ability.
To this end, becoming self-aware to know when enough is enough, or when more is useful, is part of that expansion of knowledge and ability.
Be smart and enjoy the adventures.