I’ve had a few questions about people who are oversensitive to light recently and here’s my understanding and ideas on that.
We get a lot of overly sensitive people as well when they first get under the lamp but in almost every case so far pre-framing the session by talking about what they might experience has done enough.
Firstly, bear in mind that what you believe about what experience the people will have will affect the experience they have. If you have had experiences of people reacting in certain ways and adjusted your expectation unconsciously as a result.., you will have a higher chance of energetically creating that experience again.

We expect that people will relax into the session and get used to the light within a few minutes and all but a rare few have so far.
Secondly, tell them what they will or may experience. People tend to experience what they expect to experience. We, as a rule, say something to the effect of this:

“This is a new experience for people and their eyes, and for some people, in the beginning, it may feel a little bright causing their eyes to squint or twitch a bit, but I promise that after a few minutes you will adjust and relax and go with it”.

“If after a few minutes you still want it less bright we can do that for you but we very rarely have to do that” “Remember of course that at all times you are in total control and you can move away or partly shield your eyes by waving your hands over them (demonstrate to them visually). As the session continues you will find even then that you will adjust and be absorbed into the experience.”

This pre-frame works almost every time.
Some people will still find the light too bright on some occasions though. This can change from day to day and there are a number of factors that can contribute to this. Existing eye strain from the sun or computer use, hydration (how much water they have been drinking), mental state such as anxiety, hunger, how bright the room is you do the session in, and what the person has eaten or drunk (such as coffee) can all have an effect on the experience and how intense it feels. Also if they had a good or bad nights sleep can change the experience.

What can you do to help?

There a few things you can do that involve the lamp itself. If you decide to try something like turning the intensity right down, angling the lamp slightly away from being aimed directly at the eyes, or even as one person has suggested, using a cloth to further shield the light; do it as a last resort not form a habit. Try everything else as an option first before using a ‘white’ cloth and if you have to, then put it gently on the face rather than the lamp. This way the light won’t be refracted and dispersed away from the face before it even gets there.
Visual programs will lose much of their effect by using a cloth or even going below level 4 on the lamp, so minimise how often you do this sort of thing.
Another consideration is the contrast between the room they are in and the light from PS. In most cases, a higher contrast (like a dark room) will result in a more intense experience and more chance of light sensitivity. Try putting them under the light from a bright room so that the eyes are adjusted. Then close curtains or whatever as needed. Or leave the room with light in it rather than completely dark.
As a last resort, in the beginning, the person could wear sunglasses for entrainment programs and still get some benefit. This will most likely ruin a visual, as a rule, though so not recommended.
BTW, it’s a good practice to ask people to drink water before they come to see you so that they are properly hydrated. This will help them have a more enjoyable experience especially as PS can increase blood flow to the brain.

Hope this helps fellow light travellers.