GETTING STARTED: A guide to using a PandoraStar Lamp

So you have your PandoraStar.
You’ve got it set up and you know how to turn it on and use the button.

Now What? You probably now have a few basic questions…

How often and when should I use it?

This is really up to you. Initially, you will be keen to try a variety of programs.
For entertainment programs such as Acid-squirrel and LSD-AZR; experience tells us that the intensity of the experience can for some people decrease over time if they are used regularly. There’s no danger in this but it is better for your enjoyment to have a break from them occasionally so that the brain doesn’t get desensitised by them and have the visual experience fade over time.
Some people can use them every day multiple times a day and still have the same effect. It depends on your specific situation of exposure to other light sources, stress, hydration and other factors.

For entrainment programs (programs designed with a purpose in mind such as relaxation or motivation); the effect of these does not diminish significantly over time. Most research on Brainwave entrainment (BWE), shows that a routine of 3 times a week or more for 4 weeks with a particular frequency range or program has results that are still measurable months and years later.
So I would recommend you choose a goal, for instance like meditation, and use a program with that goal in mind on a more regular basis than other programs.
I use my PS every day, and use the same program at least 5 days a week. I suggest 3 or more times a week is a good average.
When to use it?
I like to set myself up in the morning by using it then. Even if you are in a hurry you can set yourself a timer or use a short program for 10 minutes.
If you sometimes find it hard to fall asleep I would suggest you don’t use most of the programs close to bed time as they may interrupt your bodies natural production of melatonin (sleep hormone).
Other than that any time is fine.

What program first?

So many to choose from.
You could of course just play with a few and see which ones you like. It is safe to do that.
What are your main goals? Pick one and start there.
Or where do you tend to be mentally? Do you space out alot and/or feel down? Or are you always on the go and get a bit anxious sometimes?
So for instance if one of your goals is to relax more then pick a program or two that have that as a result like TRANCE and TRANCE-2 or HYPNAGOGIA and start there.
Or if you want relaxation with some visual effects then try something like AURORA.
If a goal is to feel a bit more inspired and happy then try MOTIVATE or HAPPY.
Want to expand your consciousness? Then try GAM-15 or TIBET.
You can’t get anything wrong by experimenting for a while till you learn what is best for you and as you progress you will have different goals.

How close should I be and what power level?

On average, if using it by yourself then we recommend about 75cm to 100cm from your face. I have mine at 75cm as that allows me to reach up easily and push the button from laying on the floor.
You can sit in a chair if you prefer.
Power level is again up to you and how sensitive your eyes are.
My preference and that of most is about level 7 for entertainment programs and level 5 for entrainment programs.
With entrainment programs esp in the dark, as long as you can perceive the light then your brain will too.

Where do I learn about frequencies and what they do?

There are a number of research links and articles on explaining brainwave frequencies and their effects to get you started and our community are always willing to help you out with questions too.
As a general rule, standard consciousness is around 12hz or more and anything under that will relax you and anything over that will promote a more active brain and therefore a more active result.

Should I combine it with anything else?

You don’t have to but yes, why not.
Read.., ‘Maximising the use of PandoraStar for meditation’ for some useful ideas here.
Especially good are using techniques that you are already good at while using PS to enhance its effect.
There is an effect (known in NLP as anchoring) that occurs when you combine a conscious practice with the resulting brainwave state of PS that will help you generalise that state into the real world.
For example, if you combine a specific breathing technique with a relaxing PS program, and then also use that breathing technique at other times of the day without PS.., the mental state helped by the PS program will tend to generalise into the new situation that you are in when you use that breathing technique faster than if you just rely on PS alone.

Should I listen to music?

Some programs (like Acid-squirrel) have music that goes with them to create a more immersive experience.
Other than that you can choose whatever music you like or just stay in silence.
YouTube is a good source of music that you can play while you use a program or of course playlists on Spotify or your own library.
Most people do find that a good piece of music helps to make the experience more complete and enjoyable.
And again the PS Facebook community sometimes share and have some good recommendations for this.

As I’ve mentioned already. There really is no harm in experimenting with all of these ideas to find your own preferences. We also have a series of videos on the PandoraStar YouTube Channel.
And we are here if you have any further questions.
Enjoy the adventures.

PandoraStar Co-founder Jimi Simpson, Demonstrates The Use Of PandoraStar.