review this Intriguing PandoraStar collaboration…

Their reporter tells us “One of the best parts of being a new media artist is having the ability to connect so many different ideas and tools together, both literally and figuratively. Recently we’ve been in touch with Luciana Haill and Sam Wiehl who shared with us some of the details behind their latest collaboration PZYK SKAN which brings together so many amazing things into a single project that we had to share it with all of you”.

Luciana’s description of the project – “We use PandoraStar strobe lights as precursors for EEG brainwave projects, where signals from the brain of the audience are triggers to live events via Max Msp, Ableton, OSC and recently VDMX when we collaborated”


PandoraStar strobe lights as precursors for EEG brainwave projects

Sam elaborates “The piece took the form of the ‘brain scanning area’, run by Luciana, with her wave readings being taken into a machine running VDMX. this was connected to a large projection screen and the sound stems were driven from the brain waves, which then ran into a sound system in the space.”

“It was here that audience participation meant we could scan a number of people, and the results drove both the visual and sound experience for the watching audience. The ‘ volunteer’s’ experience was the bombardment of the Pandora Star, and the sound that was generated live, by the stems on headphones for immersion and on the PA !”

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