Paulson: What happened during that first experience?

Groff: Well, my preceptor was very interested in electroencephalography, which means exposing people to a stroboscopic light. So between the third and fourth hour, when my experience with LSD was culminating, which was powerful enough, this research assistant came and said this was time for the experiment. So she took me into a small room. I laid down. She put the electrodes on my head and then asked me to close my eyes, and then took this gigantic strobe, you know, put it by my head and turned this thing on.

Paulson: So you had a strobe light-

Groff: A strobe light on top of me.

Paulson: (laughs) on top of the LSD.

Groff: And suddenly there was light like I had never seen in my life. I couldn’t even imagine existed, like when you read about the mystical experiences, like millions of suns…

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