PandoraSpa introduces new technology to the public…

PandoraSpa, the London Mind Spa based on the PandoraStar light machine, enthused a happy host of attendees who came to try out their technology at the 2017 Mind Body Spirit show at London Olympia at the start of May.

The original PandoraStar was combined with new technology being developed by the team, as Ladrhyn Bexx explains –

“Our new Crystal Chakra Light uses seven high-quality quartz crystals with high powered colour LEDs for maximum energy output. The colour LEDs are not just for show as they’re driven by our proven PandoraStar technology.”

Pandora Star Demo At Mind Body Spirit Show In London 2017

“This means we can drive each LED at frequencies between .1 Hz – 1000 Hz, allowing us to stimulate each chakra individually at its specific frequency or run one frequency across all 7 depending on need, such as colour therapy. Also, the quartz crystals have been geometrically cut to drive healing energy through the top and out the bottom as they are double terminator cut crystals.”

Lucky adventurers got to try this out along with a gong bath including the Spa’s 60-inch Cosmos gong creating some memorable experiences as you can hear.

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