The Forumist is intrigued by PandoraStar’s meditative potential..

Johanna Bergström writes “Meditation has been practised for thousands of years and using a variety of techniques. For many, this is a way to shut out the world around us, look into ourselves and find new energies for everyday life. When I think about meditation, I typically imagine a slender Buddhist monk, sitting atop a mist-surrounded hillside, somewhere in the Himalayas, far away from the hectic, technology-based civilisations of the western world.”

meditation takes its first steps into the digital age“Enter PandoraStar, and at first it turns my image upside down. We are in a new and highly digital era that influences every bit of society and where new techniques are used for anything from babysitting to gardening. So why should there be an exception when it comes to meditation?”

Johanna speaks to the creator and cofounder Jimi Simpson,

“As meditation takes its first steps into the digital age, Simpson points out that PandoraStar is not to be considered a champion over conventional meditation practices. Instead, it can complement and fit alongside traditional techniques. For instance, it can assist the user to get into a suitable state of consciousness and awareness for the activity they are about to practice. ‘The ancient, non-digital methods undoubtedly pervade,‘ says Simpson. ‘But considering that meditative practice is about altered states of consciousness and awareness, I think that technology that can directly elicit this effect rightfully has a place.‘…

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