Alexandre Quaranta is involved in ongoing experiments…

He is working to combine the PandoraStar with a device called the “Dream Machine”, designed by French artist Lionel Stocard ( Two days of successful public testing were done in May of this year.

As Alexandre says, “The idea is to combine together these two powerful devices and find ways of enhancing each of their abilities to induce deep trances, inner travel, and out of body experiences, among other strange and interesting non-ordinary states of consciousness.

“Particularly it seems that with a proper set and setting it is a wonderful tool for artists and engineers to explore further their creative endeavours.”

combination of PandoraStar and Stocard’s dreamchair

French consciousness explorer Alexandre is doing experimentation for optimal use of the PandoraStar light in general, alongside combining it with such a chair, with the particular goal of establishing the best environment for creativity, insights, and complex problem-solving in all fields.

Alexandre suggests that “The unique combination of PandoraStar and Stocard’s dreamchair probably constitutes in itself the most effective technological – thus non-chemical – device is known today to induce out of body experience when sounds, light, and motion are set in their best possible synergy.”

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