Amir Shah shares the story…

Two PandoraStar consciousness explorers, Amir Shah and Billie Lim, recently had the pleasure of introducing a high-level Qigong master to the lamp.

Amir had invited him from China to give a Qigong workshop at his practice and study group in New York. Amir says ” All along, I was so curious what he would think of PandoraStar’s effect on his consciousness. He has been practising Qigong for more than 35 years, he practices 2-4 hours a day!”

So he arranged for the master to visit Billie Lim’s home to see what he thought of the technology.

“It took a little cajoling by Billie but he was intrigued enough to agree to a session. As soon as the session began, his head started to shake from side to side. I have seen this many times when he gets into a deep meditative state. ”

introducing a high level Qigong master to the pandora lamp

After the session, the master said that the PandoraStar got him into a good ‘Qigong State’ and kept him there all along.

Amir explains ” So a ‘Qigong State’ for us is when the thinking mind gets quiet, the inner chatter subsides and the attention is turned inwards. Those of you who have meditated for a long time know that this is not easy to do, it requires rigorous sustained practice over a period of decades. The real problem is staying in the ‘state’ for a prolonged period of time to do good work”

“The master joked with us that another group of equally curious students in Europe got him to try ayahuasca and that for him the PandoraStar also produces a similar altered state of consciousness as did the ayahuasca”

Amir concludes “This validation of PandoraStar’s ability to get us in a deep meditative state within minutes is great for me, I mean this just opens up all kinds of possibilities to do good work.”

– Please be aware that the master was quite happy to share his experiences, but this is in no way intended as an official endorsement.