Christina Shiu writes of her PandoraStar experience…

Not knowing what to expect, I took up the opportunity for a Pandora Star experience.

This small light-emitting device looked less intimidating than I thought. It was mounted on a tripod and positioned above my face. After the facilitator had selected a program, I was left alone in the unlit room to my light journey.

Christina Shiu writes of her Pandorastar experienceMy eyes were fully closed throughout the session. At first, I felt the lights flashing on my face. After a short while, patterns with clear forms and shapes appeared in my inner vision. The images were sharp, bright, colourful and complex with symmetry like a kaleidoscope. They danced and morphed into new designs rapidly. Yes, I was seeing with my eyes closed!
To me, the experience was rather intense as I’m sensitive to light. However, the flashing from the Pandora Star was just the very beginning. When the Pandora Star turned off and the darkness returned, I saw coloured bodies floating around in my inner vision. The images and movements were fluid and beautiful. It was an amazing experience. It was my first time seeing something so clear and vibrant with my eyes closed. I had no idea how they found their way into my vision.

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