The highest brainwave state currently known is Lambda at around 200 Hz. Hard to detect with EEG, Lambda waves rarely, if ever, occur during normal waking consciousness…normal waking consciousness is predominantly Beta waves, between 13-36 Hz, with activations of Alpha (during periods of relaxation), Theta (during meditation and some memory tasks), Gamma (seen during active exchanges of information between brain regions), and Delta (during deep meditative states).

Over the past few months, I’ve actively stimulated Gamma and HyperGamma (100-200 Hz) waves for increasing cognitive function (faster brain processing speeds, retention, recall, reduced distractibility etc), as well as, for inducing advanced energetic states of consciousness, such as: lucid dreaming, out-of-body exploration, remote viewing, and telepathy. There are many methods that can be used to access advanced energetic states of consciousness, but for fast, reliable induction, I’ve chosen a mix of advanced meditation techniques and technology in the form of PandoraStar.

A few days ago, my PandoraStar business partner, Jimi Simpson, performed some tests to demonstrate the accuracy of the device in generating various waveforms, including a test driving a 200 Hz Lambda frequency. As you can see from the photos, the test verifies the high accuracy of driving this very high frequency, which gave me the confidence to develop a new PandoraStar program.

Pandorastar test driving a 200 Hz Lambda frequency
 demonstrate the accuracy of Pandorastar in generating various waveformsLast night, I pushed my ultra modern metaphysical practice to new levels with a 4.5 hour long program designed for early morning use, after a 4.5 hour sleep. The program covers Gamma, HyperGamma and Lambda frequencies. The early results were very encouraging with almost constant hypnagogic imagery and four lucid dreams. Feeling really excited and grateful about the direction this project is heading. A big thank you to Jimi and the 32 courageous PandoraStar owners worldwide – who’ve joined us for this extraordinary journey!