Recently, a friend of mine who’s very interested in out-of-body exploration, requested a session on PandoraStar, so I invited him over to my houseboat for a free trial. Fortunately, he brought his kids with him, who decided they wanted to have a go too.

What happened next was a masterclass given by these young explorers in how effortlessly results can come when your mind is open and free.

Following is a brief video of what the kids experienced during a short four minute PandoraStar session (and below the video the father gives a detailed description of the kids experiences)…

Below is a detailed description of the kids experiences told by the father…

Today was one of the best days of my life. What a great experience!!!

I just feel so blessed, what a day! Share this experience with my four kids, to you and that magic room.

My kids are so happy about the experience, they really want to come back.

The oldest Franci nearly went out of his body and Santi keeps talking about his experience. He went into a kind of dream…he said that he saw a city and a person not far from him and that made him feel butterflies in his belly.

Look at the reactions of my kids, their happiness discovering a new inner reality.

Thanks, thanks thanks, what a blessing!!!

Children experiences with PandorastarWhen I was in the room looking at the boys having this experience I just felt so blessed and thankful for the fact that you decided to start doing this job. I am so thankful. What you do is priceless. I just had a 4-minute session ( a very short one as we were very short on time and I wanted my kids to have a go) and each of my boys 13 years old, 11 and 7 they did 4 minutes each.

For my kids, it was an indescribable experience…

The oldest started to feel energies going through his whole body and he said that for a few seconds he felt a paralysis state.

He said as well that he couldn’t feel his arms for a bit but was fully awake and feeling blessed.

The 11 years old, keep smiling and smiling and saying wow…..silence then wow wow.

He said in the car coming back, this has changed my live smile.

The little one 7 years old was smiling and smiling and moving his legs and the arms like an octopus, and he said in the car coming back that he saw a person and a city in the visions and that vision make him move the legs and arms as he felt butterflies in his belly.

For my the old and full of belief systems a 4 minutes session is to short but was perfect as one united to the whole room.

I started to see colours, different beautiful colours then circles then an amazing sphere made with little colourful cubes and from the sphere I see lines of colours going out in all directions then the sphere become an eye that was on the top of a pyramid.

At that moment I started to feel a bit confused about where I was as around the centre of the images I started to see big structures geometrical and grey in the middle was the pyramid with a lot of colours…

And then I saw the light going out, `for me was like a minute. 4 minutes fly away. I need an hour smile emoticon but I am so so happy for today and very looking forward to tonight as I like to practice OBEs.

I like to use the light to induce OBEs but in the same way is just always about inner exploration and this even short session is affecting me very positively in this exploration. And make me feel so aware. I am feeling so good, Thanks a LOT Todd!

One of my kids said to me ” I was watching and I try to remember what I was experiencing” and when he was trying to describe it, he said ” is impossible to describe it, is just amazing” Is something good positive made with love and good intentions, that is expansion and freedom.

I love freedom and for this reason, I did this little present for my kids.